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Mr. Mustache, another librarian blog

I am a reference librarian with experience in both the public and state government fields. I am doing this on a whim, sort of like the mustache I grew when I was 19 and still have in my 50's.

Location: New Jersey, United States

I am a state worker and a librarian.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Book Mooch

I need to write a blog on the library or at least book world or I may lose my 025 status. Book Mooch looks like an interesting site. On the honor system, although one is rewarded for good behavior, one can get rid of the books that are filling one's bookshelves and get books that one wants.

Of course, sending books by mail is part of the equation. I know other blogs have talked about this first, but I have a theory that my blog is read by people who don't normally read blogs.


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