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Mr. Mustache, another librarian blog

I am a reference librarian with experience in both the public and state government fields. I am doing this on a whim, sort of like the mustache I grew when I was 19 and still have in my 50's.

Location: New Jersey, United States

I am a state worker and a librarian.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Like elementary schools and nursing homes, government agencies are filled with "days". This fulfils the tedium of being too young to change classes every hour, or get out of the recreation area because they are cleaning your room. There is secretaries day, government employee appreciation day, hispanic heritage day, take your child to work day, homemade cookie day, take your dog to work day, sloppy dresser day, recycle day, mustache day, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, left handed day, handicapped day, dayglow shirts day and more.

Then there are days that are there to accomplish tasks like cleanup day. This is the day when everyone comes in dressed like slobs and tries to clean up their offices with limited results.

There are days to fund raise for one cause or another. There is homeade cookie day, bagels day, apple pie day, egg sandwich day, streudel day, muffin day.

Government workers, like second graders and the elderly, have short attention spans and the novelty of having "days" keeps morale high. When I realized I was looking forward to bagels day, I realized I had a dull life. I hope my sesame bagel is fresh.


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